Founder of the Firm
Praxisgründer Johannes Schellmann Dipl.-Kfm.
Johannes Schellmann
Born 1938
Married, 3 children
Tax consultant
Legal adviser
Curriculum Vitae
In-service qualifications and appointments
  • Apprenticeship as industrial clerk
  • Until late 1961
    2 year course at Hamburg University Academy of Economics and Politics
  • Late 1961 – mid-1972
    Assistant Audit Manager in a large international auditing firm
  • Mid-1965
    Higher Education entrance qualification (German Gifted Students Examination)
  • Mid-1965 - late 1969
    University of Hamburg graduated Bachelor in Business Administration (Dipl Kfm.)
  • March 1972
    Appointed Wirtschaftsprüfer (qualification similar to that of a Chartered Accountant in UK or a Certified Public Accountant in USA)
  • Mid 1972 - Mid 1975
    Audit Manager in large national auditing firm
  • March 1972 – mid-1978
    Reader in Hamburg Auditors and Tax Consultants’ Study Group
  • 1 July 1975 onward
    Commencement of independent professional career
  • February 1976
    Obtained licence to act as legal adviser
  • January 1979
    Appointed Tax Consultant
  • January 1998
    Son, Dr Harmut Schellmann, joined practice as silent partner
  • 1 July 2006
    Handed over firm to son.
  • Since that date silent partner in son’s firm
  • Language skills: