• Staff recruitment
We are always on the lookout for qualified and motivated staff. We expect above-average performance and a high level of commitment. New staff should possess a university or polytechnic degree with above-average grades.
  • Previous experience
Recently qualified economics graduates should possess relevant legal experience acquired during student placements or under training as assistant tax accountants. We expect them to aspire to obtaining professional qualification as tax consultants and/or auditors.
  • Training goals
In line with the aforementioned goal, we shall train our staff, so that after completing their training they are in a position to advise our clients in at least two of the following four areas:
     company law
     taxation law
     organisational consultancy
  • Remuneration
In addition to above-average pay and consistently target -continuation training, from an early stage we afford you the opportunity of working autonomously in line with your abilities.
  • Application
If you are interested in working in our team of advisers, you should send us your application documentation at any time or contact us directly by telephone or email.